women are not powerful?  oh please i can get your dick up in just a minute in public and there’s nothing you can do bout it

this is such a doodoo post. dicks get hard for no reason. my dick is hard when i wake up. when i hold my pee for too long. when i cough hard. when the got damn wind blow. so many things you coulda said and it was make my dick hard. lola bunny used to get my dick hard and she a got damn cartoon bunny.

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Hence my second account, lol.

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You know what I can’t stand?

It started as something small, but now it’s just really annoying. It’s when people don’t respond to shit, but you know they saw it. I would joke around and be like “How you gonna ignore my text, but then “like” my picture on Instagram, or post some shit on IG, or even Snapchat!? I know you have to look on your phone for that shit.”

But I’m for real now. I get when a convo dies down, and both parties stop replying, that’s understandable. But when you’re asking something important, or a favor, or anything on those lines, that’s different. Even if the answer is “no”, at LEAST say it. When you ignore a text, or a call, but then show you’re on your phone in someway, that just basically telling that person you’re ignoring them.

Usually, minor shit like this wouldn’t bother me. But when niggas need something from me, like they want me to use my discount at my store or some shit, they’re so quick to hit me up. And guess what, I reply. But when the tables are turned, and I gotta ask you for something, you can’t even respond? Isn’t it just common fuckin’ courtesy to reply to someone? If we were face to face and I asked you a question, would you just walk away without saying anything? I hope fuckin’ not. I get if you’re busy at the moment and can’t reply, but when you don’t reply at all, then you hit me up like it never happened.. asking for something? Really?

I wish I could be an asshole like that and do the same shit to those same people, but I can’t. So to know someone can look at my message and ignore that shit, especially after I RECENTLY just helped you out with something, is bullshit.


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